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About me and this blog


For this blog, I am taking one of the names that was given to me by friends – “The Cosmic Dr. Bii”‘Bii’ is the Shipibo word for mosquito. In the blog entry dated April 3rd 2013, I write about my connection to the world of the mosquitoes).

My friends occasionally refer to me as the “Awesome Cosmic Dr Bii”. I prefer to omit or disguise the A*e*o*e word in writing (and speaking) for reasons that I will also later make clear in a blog.

I live and work in Pucallpa in the Peruvian Amazon. Pucallpa is the most intense, absorbing and challenging place I have ever lived. It’s important to have your wits about you. A close friend calls it “Ground Zero”.

I first traveled here from Iquitos in January 2011 with a good friend who had previously lived here for seven years. I commented to him that the ‘vibe’ in Yarina – the indigenous part of Pucallpa – felt very different from Iquitos. He leaned over to me and said in a quiet, almost conspiratorial tone: “It is the Heartland”. He was referring to the fact that it is the geographical center of the Shipibo-Konibo people – who traditionally have lived along the river Ucayali and its tributaries.

Pucallpa is the ugliest city I have ever been in, but its indigenous area based around the ox-bow lake of Yarinacocha, its proximity to the mighty river Ucayali, the beauty of the surrounding Amazonian rainforest, and the extraordinary culture of the Shipibo-Konibo people more than make up for this.

In this blog, I will write about some of my experiences here that do not fit into the conventional, rational Western mindset. I am very grateful to la Madre Ayahuasca and the Shipibo culture for offering me access to these experiences, and to my friends who have encouraged and supported me in taking this path –  “the Medicine Path”.

Rio Ucayali 1

  1. chris permalink

    Hello. I enjoy reading your blog, and find it very true compared to my experiences of the Peruvian Jungle cities. When i was in Yarina, i met an interesting American man called Paul who enjoyed a beer or two in the afternoon in a bar just off Yarina’s plaza. Was that you?

  2. ryan permalink

    Great blog!
    I am trying to find the november 2013 ELLE magazine with the ayahuasca article you talk about in it. I am researching ayahuasca going global and I want to see the article in the actual magazine it was printed in but November has four issues…any idea which issue it was in?

    • CosmicDrBii permalink

      Hi Ryan. I had no idea there were four issues of Elle in November. I guess its a weekly magazine. I had assumed it was monthly. I don’t know which issue it was in November 2013.

  3. Ryan Hedley permalink

    Thanks all the same,
    I’ll get them all then…I really want to see the article surrounded by all the usual stuff ELLE pushes!

  4. filatlan kennel permalink

    Id like to know if you could offer any information or contact for don Machinga. Im planning to travel to Iuitos for ceremonies but the center I had chosen and have had experience with has ultimately dissapointed me for lack of integrity of its main Shaman.

    • CosmicDrBii permalink

      Ive sent you an email to be able to continue this discussion via email if you would like to

      • marcus fung permalink

        Dear DrBii
        wow i dig you already i have such an interesting relationship with bugs and medicine my first chiricsanango dieta in the mountains for a month i was bitten nonstop in my sleep by unseen things… (great metaphor) tortured and agonized into primal fear unwilling to fall asleep and man was I happy when the sun came up truely!..

        Your blog is an amazing resource
        i consider myself a very serious student of this path.. not innocent , but definately aware,
        and seen my share…
        i have recently booked another trip to Peru, and wil spend sometime in the mountains to visit old friends,
        then will head to Pulcallpa, and deciding where i want to be.

        Don Miguel Machinga struck my years ago with his icaros on youtube (templeofwayofight)
        It was Palo valodor, i did not know that it was Also called Nayaorao,
        And through your blog i’m learning it is the principle healing tree!

        This is what i believe i am being called to do,
        Can you help me with this? Is Don Machinga in Pulcallpa,
        have you had experience working with Gilberto Mahua ?

        I would like to be in touch privately over email
        Thank you your blog is a blessing this morning
        to a apprentice who is in the frustrrating stages of listening
        where spirit wants him to study… (right now right here of course hahah)

        gracias gracias

  5. I just found another mail in my inbox about a new posting in yr blog. I ‘was forgotten’ you live in Pucallpa. I’ve been in the neighbourhood for 1 month now: 2 weeks in Yarina and just back from 2 weeks in Dinamarca. Now in Yarina and thinking of going to Iquitos shortly, unless.. Maybe you can attribute to that unless.
    Looking forward, thank you.

  6. I absolutely love this blog and have pretty much binge read the whole thing! I’m at the start of the medicine path myself, having spent a few months in the Amazon near Iquitos last year. I’m heading back this Christmas and hoping to head to Pucallpa this time. I wondered whether you could recommend any shamans/centres there – particularly those working in a Shipibo tradition. I’m looking for shamans who work with the full panoply of plant medicines, not just ayahuasqueros. One shaman whose icaros have really grabbed my attention on YouTube is Maestra Justina – do you know anything about her reputation, or how I might get in touch with her? Thanks so much!

    • CosmicDrBii permalink

      Hi Alex. It would be best if you wrote to me separately from the blog about this. My email is:

    • Clay Villanueva permalink

      Hi Alex! Maestra Justina is my friend’s aunt and he trained under her for 14 years. Let me know if you are still trying to find her.

  7. Anya Loquita Lunatica permalink

    Ha I met Paul too! This is definitely not his blog…but what a cool bloke…last I heard he was in the jungle playing the flu.te 😉

  8. Georgina permalink

    Hi Bii!
    I wanted to share information about my film Icaros that is now available on Vimeo on Demand. Please visit our new site and enjoy! Thank you!

    Icaros explores the profound spiritual universe of the Shipibo indigenous people who live by the Ucayali river, one of the main tributaries of the Peruvian Amazon. Young Mokan Rono sets out on a fascinating journey to discover the ancestral knowledge of ayahuasca, mentored by a wise shaman and by his mother Wasanyaca, a master healer.

    Director: Georgina Berreiro
    Length: 70 minutes

  9. Bhavana permalink

    Hello CosmicDrBill.
    I came across your blog as I was googling NoyaRao. I just finished the dieta myself and am still processing and integrating. I am curious about your knowledge about this plant. I am starting to feel that i should do a longer dieta with this plan. Am in Yarina still. Wonder if we can connect?

  10. I’m trying to find information on Nayaorao and could only find your blog. I had a vision on Augusta and trying to determine off this is the tree my path led to. If so I’d like information on the dieta. If you could email me please it would be much appreciated.

  11. Saludos, I’ve lived in San Jose de Yarinacocha. Currently, in LPB, Bolivia. And will return to PCL next month to spend time with Maestra Olivia and Wexa Metsa at the Sambo. I’ll write again once I arrive…

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