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Three Visits to the Mosquito Spirit King

April 3, 2013

mosquito 1

A friend recently sent me a quote from page one of a book called “Understanding Gregory Bateson; Mind, Beauty and the Sacred Earth” (New York, State University of NY Press, Albany, 2008) by Noel G. Charlton.  The passage is so good I’m going to reproduce it all here.

Bateson “believes it possible that we can recover “the grace” of realizing our interrelated membership of the community of living organisms on this planet. The route to this realization is via personal engagement with the more-than-rational processes of the natural world and of human art. Poetry, painting, dance, music, humor, metaphor, “the best of religion,” and “natural history” all offer to us the possibility of renewed access to the wisdom that we, as a species, have gained during millions of years of evolution—now overlaid and rendered unavailable to us by our “self-conscious purposiveness.”

This is one of Bateson’s key phrases, often repeated. By it he means that we have learned, through the centuries, to identify single goals for our purposes. We have come to think of causality as a series of straight-line, “knock-on” effects that can be managed by a single human “self,” in its own personal interests — without allowing for all the interpenetrating influences and effects flowing between each of us and the wider living world.

A key aspect of Bateson’s thought is his insistence that we must actively engage with the processes of the living world and with all the forms of human art. Engagement, he claims, yields understanding that can lead to wise action. By recognizing beauty in the world we can identify sane and health-giving possibilities for action.”

This passage, densely packed with important ideas, suggests to me an almost overwhelming number of connections with past posts and possible future directions to pursue.

mosquito 4For the moment, however, I want to focus on the first line of the quote, which talks of recovering “the grace of realizing our interrelated membership of the community of living organisms on this planet.” Such ‘grace’ is one of the many offerings of Madre Ayahuasca –  she is sometimes called a ‘master plant’ (even though there is universal agreement that she is female) that facilitates ‘inter-species communication’.

Curiously, I discovered, whilst researching this blog, that the musician Peter Gabriel has a project to develop the internet to promote human-animal communication.

This form of communication is increasingly important in a world which is living through the sixth or Holocene mass extinction caused by human activity on the planet.

Dr. Richard Leakey, the world’s most famous paleonthropologist, estimates that every year, between 17,000 and 100,000 species are lost. He says: “For the sake of argument let’s assume the number is 50,000 a year. Whatever way you look at it, we’re destroying the Earth at a comparable rate with the impact of a giant asteroid slamming into the planet, or even a shower of vast heavenly bodies.”

Many people, both with and without drinking ayahuasca, experience a profound connection to the more-than-human world. The author, Jay Griffiths,  in her exhilarating book “Wild: An Elemental Journey” offers a particularly vivid description of being transformed into a jaguar by Madre Ayahuasca.

mosquito 3My experience with this began some two years ago. Madre Ayahuasca was leading me through a labyrinthine complex of buildings. I realized she was taking me to see someone. Suddenly I was face-to-face with the mosquito spirit king. I had been thinking of mosquitoes at that time as two people I knew had contacted malaria in Iquitos, where I was, and I had been told that there were many more mosquitoes in Pucallpa, which I was due to visit for the first time.

The mosquito spirit king had a fierce, commanding presence. He was seriously pissed-off. He told me that he was angry with humans for trying to exterminate his race. He said, furthermore, that we would never achieve this as mosquitoes were more intelligent than us. If we kept trying to do this, he warned me, they would evolve to become much more dangerous for human beings.

I asked him if it were possible that his subjects not give me a serious illness. I said they could bite me but preferably not make me ill. He just looked sharply at me in response and I knew that in asking him this I had to stop swatting mosquitoes, which I did. Since then, the number of mosquito bites I have had has been minimal. But I have to be wary of hubris – he gave me no guarantee.

After this experience, I did some research on mosquitoes on the internet. There are 3500 named species of mosquitoes in the world. I discovered an interesting article in the prestigious scientific journal “Nature” that asks a number of scientists to consider a world without mosquitoes and largely, but not exclusively, comes down on the side that they could be eliminated without serious ecological consequences.  One of the scientists even went as far as saying, which tellingly reveals the underlying dominant scientific philosophy : “If there was a benefit to having them around, we would have found a way to exploit them.”

The second visit occurred a few months ago. For the first part of a ceremony with Madre Ayahuasca, I had felt irritated by the numbers of mosquitoes buzzing around me and the flying cockroaches that were colliding with my face. At one point, seemingly out of the blue, it occurred to me that they were trying to communicate with me. “OK”, I said, “You have my attention”. The response was a sigh, as if to say: “What took you so long?”

mosquito 5They indicated I was to follow them and I was taken to my second encounter with the mosquito spirit king. This time he seemed less formidable and was outside of his palace where I had met him before. He was flooded in white light and I saw that each of his subjects embodied a tiny white light which enabled a rapid, sophisticated communication between them. I thought that the point of this encounter was to show me that they were also ‘light-workers’.

The third encounter happened shortly after this. This time the mosquito king was back to his earlier furious presence. He told me that they had had enough ¡Ya basta! They were now mobilizing for the coming war with humans. Madre Ayahuasca had already shown me shortly after my first encounter with the mosquito spirit king that Gaia was getting ready to use his subjects as her first line of attack – her shock troops – along with some form of infection that would drastically reduce the human population.

For the mosquitoes, it would be a holy war, their jihad. They were honored to be chosen by Gaia, to be in her complete service, and were awaiting her orders.

I was telling the friend who sent me the quote that began this post about my first experience with the mosquito spirit king. She commented that the bees must also be fed up with us. I replied that it is hard to think of any animal species that might feel well disposed to us.


  1. Juan permalink

    Intersting. A massive die off/extermination/culling of humans seems to be an idea that is floating around the zeitgeist these days. Since the earth is obviously a living system, it will restore itself to balance one way or another. Since humans are behaving like a cancer or a virus on the earth, it makes sense that some kind of global immune response will be triggered that will correct the imbalance. That is, lots of people are gonna be wiped out. It coud be insect vectored diseases, another massive war, some kind of environmental collapse, or a combination of all of those scenarios. Either way, the earth will not die, but humanity may be either destroyed completely or reduced to harmless levels in some way.

  2. CosmicDrBii permalink

    Well put, Juan. It’s hard to see and face the reality of whats going on and stay hopeful at the same time. I like this quote from the author and environmentalist, Paul Hawken.

    “When asked if I am pessimistic or optimistic about the future, my answer is always the same: If you look at the science about what is happening on earth and aren’t pessimistic, you don’t understand data. But if you meet the people who are working to restore this earth and the lives of the poor, and you aren’t optimistic, you haven’t got a pulse. What I see everywhere in the world are ordinary people willing to confront despair, power, and incalculable odds in order to restore some semblance of grace, justice, and beauty to this world.”

    In another post I’d like to write about my apocalyptic visions with Madre Ayahuasca. I still have not figured out what they mean.

  3. Luke permalink

    In light of what you have written, you might well enjoy the books I was telling you about the last time we spoke. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is about the beasts’ last ditch effort to save themselves from annihilation. An interesting dynamic in this book and its sequel is that a world of extraordinary beauty and diversity is being destroyed by angels in their lust for empire, conquest and conformity.

  4. John permalink

    Thank you for sharing Paul. It is only healthy to keep the process of thought, emotion, energy and insight flowing. So, as per request, my experience with the mosquito God! (or king, or being…) as I can best recall.
    This story begins in the jungle outside Pucallpa. I should say that mosquitoes had become a major part of my world. Joseph Campbell talks about how early man had animals as his neighbors, which have since been replaced by more humans as our neighbors (A pack of 30 or so humans might have gone a whole generation and only run into one or two other packs or perhaps none at all). Well, for this short period in the Jungle, I would say mosquitoes were my most active neighbor. I often wondered what to do about them- to kill them, let them suck my blood, or what?
    I soon had a ceremony in which I was confronted by what I will call the Mosquito God. He (it was a he I believe) had a fierce presence. He looked more like a symbol of a mosquito than the actual insect, and was glowing a reddish hue. He was angry. He quickly told me that he could kill me at any time. I imagine he was referring to one of the many illnesses mosquitoes carry. I tried to remain respectful and most likely asked him not to. I recall getting no reply from whatever I said, just a continued, very angry presence.
    I cannot recall much more, but after the ceremony, my thoughts changed. After extensive isolation and meditation, I came experientially to the awareness of my oneness with the world and indeed the universe. It was as if I were simply a little corner of this greater universe that suddenly became conscious of itself and said “look at me!” only to realize that the only me there was was awareness. Anything else was more or less the illusion of separation. So that said, if a mosquito took my blood, it was just as much his as it was mine. This philosophy lasted for intervals depending on my level of consciousness and, having reentered society, I have certainly not retained it to that degree- often it is only just a memory.
    My encounter with the mosquito god was certainly humbling and left me with more thoughts than I have time to share! For a long time, I was simply left with a residue of fear over killing mosquitoes. I still think about it and all its implications.

  5. patricia permalink

    I shall never accept bloodsucking mosquitos who spread diseases as lightworkers! This argument to me is equal to the arguments used by ancient peoples when they engaged in human sacrifes and offered up young maidens or small children to appease their gods. Lightworkers who preferably kill innocent kids? Or defenseless elders? “It is reported that malaria kills one child every 40 seconds.”
    Without having met this mosquito king it is clear as the light of day to me, that he is an entity of the dark side….and I shall NEVER appease that bastard.

    • CosmicDrBii permalink

      Thank you Patricia for making me laugh in your last sentence! That sounds like a declaration of war. Be careful who you are taking on. Ive thought subsequently that the mosquito king I met may just be the king for a group of mosquitoes in Peru. He seems to have no control over his subjects in Mexico who delight in biting me there.

  6. Imke Rust permalink

    Wow, so cool that I came to your blog after searching for an image of a mosquito which I wanted to use for something I am working on. Long ago I tried to make peace with the mosquitos here, but this year they were/are just sooo many and really irritating. I let them bite me and suck my blood as much as possible, but sometimes their flying around me in hordes (is that the right term?) just let me hit out at them. One night several made it into the mosquito net and in the morning they were all fat with blood. My husband is not used to them and gets even more upset than I do, so I killed the mosquitos caught in the net. I felt guilty and decided to photograph my bloodstained hands. Usually I try to work out my issues via my art and that is what I wanted to start doing now. Now I got ‘sidetracked’ reading your blog on the very slow internet here in Windhoek, Namibia. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

  7. I became intimately connected with the Mosquito Nation during a vision quest in Michigan. The first night – and on each of the following two nights – the Mosquito Nation attacked me between 9 pm and 3 am. I completely covered my self in my sleeping bag but to no avail. On the second night I heard a loud buzzing in my right ear and went to the main camp site asking to be taken to the ER. I was given Bach remedy for an ear problem??? LOLOL! The buzzing eventually stopped and by the third night, now knowing the pattern of the Mosquito Nation, I simply awaited my fate. Later, the ER doc used water to swish a now dead mosquito out of my ear! The Mosquito nation tried hard to get me to hear them – even to the point of whispering in my ear! I was “awakened” by them later and learned about the interconnection of everything and that “sleeping” during a vision quest was once kind of a dream and dreaming while sleeping was another. I would really not call this a VISION QUEST, but a HEARING Quest….

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